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Installing Accounting and Reporting Database into a Rocks 6.0

Untar the source obtained from Oracle software download service into the SGE_ROOT directory (/opt/gridengine)

tar zxf oge-6_2u7-arco.tar.gz

Load the SGE Environment into the shell consolte you are using:

. /opt/gridengine/default/common/

Create the MYSQL database and allow arco users

create database arco;
grant all privileges on arco.* to "arco_write"@"%" identified by "*********";
grant all privileges on arco.* to "arco_read"@"%" identified by "*********";

The ARCo dbwriter installation script will create all the database schemes. Now execute the installation script inst_dbwriter

cd /opt/gridengine/dbwriter

Answer the questions (cell, grid engine path, etc) and test the database connection according to the parameters that the installation script will require from you and you are done.

If you have a problem with the and the installation script fails, it is because your OGS installation is not compiled with java support. To fix that recompile the OGS with java support. To recompile the OGS, you need to rebuild the SGE Roll for Rocks 6.0. The steps to rebuild the roll are the following:

Clone the SGE Roll src tree, run the bootstrap script and then fix the Makefile in the src/ogs directory

git clone
cd sge
cd src/ogs
vim Makefile  

Locate the line :

./aimk -no-dump -no-java -no-gui-inst;

and remove the -no-java flag. Then rebuild the roll by issuing make roll

WARNING: Be aware of the log files, compilation might fail depending on your java version. So, this procedure does not ensure that you will have a fully functional OGS. As a workarround, you can use the latest version of OGS from Oracle (community edition).