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In the previous section we compiled and run Fargo for the test case that is available in the installation source named fargo. Here we address a new setup: p3diso.

Requirements :

We place the folder named p3diso in directory fargo3d-0.9/setups/, it contains the following files:

  • condinit.c
  • p3diso.bound
  • p3diso.opt
  • p3diso.par
  • p3diso.units

These setup files will replace the ones in directory fargo3d-0.9/setups/fargo. To use the new setup we need to recompile Fargo: with the SETUP option:

GPU build

tar zxf fargo3d-0.9.tar.gz
cd fargo3d-0.9

module load cuda

make PARALLEL=0 GPU=1 SETUP=p3diso
mv fargo3d fargo3d.cuda
mv fargo3d.cuda $HOME/bin

The outputs go to outputs/p3diso.